March 18, 2021

North Star Resource Group

Financial Services

Job Description

Locations: Minneapolis, MN / Richmond, VA / Durham, NC / St. Louis, MO / Austin, TX / Scottsdale, AZ / San Diego, CA

North Star Resource Group is looking to find candidates for our financial advising development program and internship. We are looking for junior and seniors at four-year universities who are looking for an introduction to a career all under the guidance of an experienced financial advisor.

If you are looking for a career and profession that involves sales/marketing, relationship building, with the ability to have ownership and autonomy; all while making an impact in your clients' lives, financial advising may be a good fit for you. By joining an organization where you can use your relationship building skills and your ability to meet and exceed goals, you will have the opportunity to build a world class, client centered practice.

Ideal candidates for this unique opportunity have found success on sports teams as an individual contributor or team leader or have general leadership experience, or sales/marketing experience. In addition, they have a history of making the right decisions based upon their moral and ethical values. In this rare opportunity, you will learn about sales and marketing in the financial services industry and what it takes to be a successful financial advisor. North Star uses a comprehensive 3 phase training and development process designed to get you familiar with the career, fully licensed as a financial advisor, and ultimately help you build a sustainable business.

Candidate Characteristics:

• Entrepreneurial
• Incredible sense of urgency
• Self-starter
• Want to help people or make a lasting impact
• Highly motivated
• Marketing Experience
• People Person, well connected in their social circles
• Extreme desire to succeed and overcome obstacles
• A need to have ownership in what you do

We understand that it takes hard work to find success and we have designed a program that works to ensure that your hard work pays off! Some of the benefits of joining North Star Resource Group include:

• Paid Internship, flexible schedules
• Bonus opportunities
• Opportunities for Advancement and Full Time Career
• Coaching and Training from a Senior Advisor
• Comprehensive development program designed to ensure your success

As part of this opportunity, you will work directly with a Senior Advisor who will become your mentor throughout the life of the position. In addition to a mentor who is an industry expert in their niche market, you will have access to training courses that are designed to educate you on the advisor role and to prepare you to successfully pass all the exams that are required to become a fully registered Financial Advisor.



How to Apply

Please apply through the website at In addition, please send a copy of your resume and cover letter to Amy Lillibridge at for a direct referral.

We also encourage interested students to join the North Star Resource Group information which will be hosted for Evans Scholars on Tuesday, April 20 at 5 p.m. Central. Registration for the information session is available here: