November 04, 2020

Evans Scholars Foundation


Job Description

The Graduate Resident Advisor (GRA) provides support, guidance and leadership to the individual Evans Scholars, Executive Board, Chapter Advisor, WGA/ESF officials, and the University to maximize the potential for success for all Evans Scholars and to help ensure the best possible living environment. The GRA will be provided housing in the Scholarship House and an annual base stipend. 

GRA’s are not required to have been recipients of the Evans Scholarship themselves. 

Evans Scholars are eligible to serve in a GRA capacity if they are enrolled in graduate level coursework at an Evans Scholars partner university that is different than where the Scholar completed undergraduate coursework immediately after graduation. Evans Scholars Alumni are eligible to serve in a GRA capacity at their undergraduate university after living outside the Scholarship House for a minimum of one year and being enrolled in a graduate level program.

Required to hold a Bachelor's degree and preferably be enrolled in a university graduate program.

Demonstrate excellent communication, coordination, and problem-solving skills. Have enthusiasm and a genuine interest in working with and mentoring undergraduate students.

Are excellent leaders with strong motivational skills. Possess a strong sense of responsibility and high level of maturity.

Position Description

  • Work closely with individual Evans Scholars along with the Executive Board and Evans Scholars Advisor(s) to ensure the success of all the Evans Scholars. Specific attention given to the New Evans Scholars and underperforming returning Evans Scholars.
  • Serve as an informational resource for campus services. Assess the needs of the Evans Scholars, individually and collectively, and formally present educational and social programs to the Chapter a minimum of once a term.
  • In the event of an emergency, will work directly with the Chapter President, Evans Scholars Advisor(s) and WGA/ESF officials in taking appropriate action and notification of proper authorities.
  • Establish and post office hours during which time they will be available to meet with Evans Scholars.
  • Attend Chapter and Executive Board meetings as well as Chapter functions.
  • Meet with the Evans Scholars Advisor(s) and WGA/ESF officials on a regular basis.
  • On a regular basis, check the public areas of the Scholarship House and property. Any maintenance, security or cleanliness issues should be reported to the appropriate person for immediate attention. In addition, the GRA will participate in all formal end-of-term and other Scholarship House inspections.
  • Attend national meetings and training sessions as required by the Evans Scholars Foundation.
  • Complete an approved university Resident Advisor training program as required by the university and/or student organizations.
  • Successful completion of Chapter and position goals.

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to Amy Lillibridge at Please indicate which Evans Scholar university or universities that you are applying for in the cover email.