Organizations to provide college scholarships, youth caddie opportunities

Glenview, Ill. – The Western Golf Association’s (WGA) acclaimed Evans Scholars Foundation (ESF) and the New Jersey State Golf Association’s (NJSGA) esteemed Caddie Scholarship Foundation have established a long-term partnership to provide life-changing college scholarships and expand youth caddie opportunities in New Jersey, leaders announced today.

The organizations will work together to promote and develop youth caddie opportunities at clubs in New Jersey, as well as expand the amount of scholarship funding available to caddies in the state.

“Establishing and strengthening relationships with local golf associations is critical to maximizing the opportunities for youth caddies across the country,” said WGA Chairman Joe Desch. “We have had a relationship with the NJSGA for the past 20 years, and now, our organizations are committed to working together even more closely in this new partnership to support deserving young men and women in their pursuit of a college education.”

NJSGA Evans Scholarship recipients are awarded full tuition and housing scholarships, which are co-sponsored by the ESF and the NJSGA Caddie Scholarship Foundation. For the 2021-22 academic year, there are 15 NJSGA Evans Scholars enrolled in school.

The ESF, WGA and NJSGA staff, along with volunteer leadership, will collaborate to further develop robust youth caddie programs at more clubs in New Jersey. This includes the formation of partnerships with schools, youth organizations and other platforms to identify students with strong academics from under-resourced backgrounds to participate in caddie programs. They will also work closely to implement additional training and development strategies to prepare caddies for scholarship opportunities.

As part of the partnership, the ESF and NJSGA will work on a major gifts initiative to raise funds to support current and future co-sponsored NJSGA Evans Scholars, with the intention of sending them to Rutgers University and to eventually establish a Scholarship House.

“We are thrilled to take our partnership with the Evans Scholars Foundation to new heights,” said Michael McFadden, president of the NJSGA and former NJSGA Caddie Scholarship recipient and Rutgers graduate. “This long-term collaboration will give both organizations the opportunity to transform the lives of more young men and women in New Jersey for many years to come.”