The Western Golf Association and Evans Scholars Foundation are driving forces in the game of golf, respected charitable causes for tens of thousands of supporters and a distinguished leaders in the nation’s golf community.


Western Golf Association Officers

Joseph M. Desch, Chairman

Steven J. Colnitis, Vice Chairman

John M. Kaczkowski, President and CEO

Josh W. Lesnik, Secretary

Michael O’Rourke, Treasurer

Frank E. Pasquesi, General Counsel

Michael D. Bruni

Susan Buchanan

Kyle J. Cash

Cathy Chandler

Derek Douglas

Mary C. Dunne

Kelly Epstein

Michael D. George

Todd Gervasini

John O. Hallberg

Dan D. Harmon

Jay Javors

Lea Jesse

J Andrew Langan

Douglas Mabie

Patrick F. McCormack

Gerard T. Noce

Gina Lavorata-O'Hehir

James Sean O'Reilly

Mary L. Petrovich

John M. Pratt

Richard M. Ressner

Bruce C. Richards

Peter Craig Russell

Brian D. Specht

William J. Sullivan, Jr.

Robert M. Thies

B. Gregory Trapani

Charles Moran Waddell

Scott A. Wilson



Kevin Buggy, Chairman

Robert M. Alsteen

James T. Bunch

Joseph M. Desch

Joseph M. Ferraro

John N. Fix

Edward R. James

Jason W. Kinander

R.E. “Buffy” Mayerstein

Michael L. McDermott

John S. Mendesh

Francis W. Morley

Dennis M. O’Keefe

Richard E. Peterson

Frank S. Polizzi, Jr.

Ede Rice

David M. Robinson

Geoff Solich



All staff can be contacted directly by sending an email to their last name or by calling 847-724-4600 during regular business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CST.

Donna Angelico Receptionist

Madison Banas Manager, Amateur Tournaments

Brian Bianchi Senior Director, WGA Director Development

Steve Bitto Building Maintenance

Anna Bochenek Par Club Assistant

John Paul Borneman Senior Director, Communications

Mike Braverman Associate, Sales

Ed Brockner Vice President, East Region Development

Steve Brueggeman Chief Financial Officer

Patti Cavender Manager, Scholarships

Kara Chin Senior Director, Caddie Academy & Scholarships

Gerri Cicchinelli Director, Foundations

Justin Ciero Manager, Facilities

Matt Costantino Director, Development Analytics & Operations

Patrick Donohue Senior Director, Digital Media

Lindsay Dresser Senior Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Jack Druga Vice President, Development

Jerry Dudek Vice President, Development

Olena Dyadenko Senior Accountant

Ilona Emmerth Director, WGA Director Development - East Region

Jackie Evans Director, WGA Director Development

Jim Feeney Senior Director, Development

Amy Fuller Vice President, Communications

Jack Galkowski Coordinator, Annual Giving

Linda Getty Senior Manager, Administration

Megan Gormley Director, Volunteers and Manager of Corporate Merchandise

Jack Graf Manager, Education

Mike Griffin Director, WGA Director Development

Spencer Groessl Director, Caddie Recruitment - Central Region

Judy Hammond Par Club Assistant

Sophia Harris Manager, Events

Jeff Harrison Senior Vice President, Advisory & Special Initiatives 

Jonathan Harmening Building Maintenance

Jola Herdzik Accounts Payable Coordinator

Joanna Hernandez Manager, Caddie Academy & Scholarships

Gary Holaway Director, Archives & History

Yazmin Huerta Manager, Career Services

Gina Iovino Senior Manager, Scholarships

John Kaczkowski President & CEO

Sami Ketchman Director, Events & Stewardship

Saad Khan Senior Director, Accounting

Cael Kiess Manager, Sales

Mairead King Development Coordinator

Bill Kingore Executive Vice President

Kevin Kissane Senior Manager, Development

Andrew Kitick Senior Manager, Development Communications

Chelsea Knitter Senior Manager, Scholarship Services

Paul Knue Manager, Caddie Recruiting - West Region

Nikola Lazarevich Building Manager - Shipping & Receiving

Christina Leonhard Director, Ticket Sales & Marketing

Mitchell Longo Manager, Tournament Operations

Amy Lillibridge Senior Director, Student Success

Darby Lillibridge Manager, Client Services

Mike Maher Vice President, Scholarships & Caddie Academies

Tone McKoy Manager, Student Success

Dayne Melick Director, WGA Director Development

Todd Melrose Vice President, West Region Development

Kimberly Michaelson-Epstein Senior Director, Annual Giving

Matt Minella Vice President, Sales & Corporate Partnerships

Justin Minor Manager, Sales

Chris Montagano Championship Director, NV5 Invitational

Jaime Morales Director, Development

Bill Moses Senior Director, Education

Bill Nelson Accounts Payable

Dan Niemiec Vice President, Programs, Strategy & Development

Ana Sofia Olaya, Coordinator, Events

Sarahi Ortiz Manager, Caddie Academy & Scholarships

Vince Pellegrino Senior Vice President, Tournaments

Sarah Pelz Vice President, Human Resources

Collier Prioletti Manager of Events

Steve Prioletti Director, Amateur Competitions

Dan Puglisi Senior Director, Career Services

Jim Reinke Senior Director, Information Technology

Tracey Ruder Accounts Receivable

Katie Schumacher Manager, Scholarships & Caddie Academy

Sara Salcik Par Club Assistant

June Sciame Vice President, Administration

Brian Shell Vice President, Education

Naomi Siebert Par Club Assistant

Lynn Slussar Senior Director, Database Operations

Doug Snyder Director, Education

Kelsey Sopchyk Manager, Communications

Crystal Tao Director, Marketing & Communications

Alek Timm Manager, Communications

Patrick Timson Vice President, Tournament Operations

Esme Torres Human Resources Generalist

Mike Vandermeir Senior Director, Facilities and Construction

Michael Vaughan Director, Sales

Lissa Wengronowitz Database Operations Coordinator

Sally White Director, Merchandise

Colin Whitmore Associate, Sales

Nick Wojciechowski Manager, Caddie Recruiting - Central Region