Evans Scholars Alumni know the score – getting an Evans Scholarship made all the difference. As our Alumni achieve success in their own lives, they've been the first to step up and give back through the Par Club.

The Par Club Challenge is a friendly competition among Alumni to see which university chapter can earn the highest Par Club participation percentage each year. Miami University won the 2020 Par Club Challenge, leading the way with 65.5 percent of Alumni making a donation to the Par Club. Indiana University followed close behind at 64.9 percent, and Marquette University was third at 63.3 percent. A record 14 chapters achieved a giving percentage of 50 percent or better as overall Alumni Par Club participation reached 55.3 percent.

Want to help your chapter make a move toward the top this year? Make your Par Club gift today.


2021 Par Club Challenge

As of March 21, 2022Par Par Club Challenge