Plans include increasing the number of Evans Scholars in school, youth caddie opportunities

GLENVIEW, Ill. – Western Golf Association and Evans Scholars Foundation leaders are setting the stage for organizational growth over the next decade, with plans that include increasing the number of Evans Scholars in school by 50 percent and doubling the number of youth caddie opportunities nationwide.

The effort to create a comprehensive long-term plan, which was recently approved by the WGA’s Board of Governors, began last year with specific goals set for 2030 in each of the organization’s major areas of expertise – championships, scholarships and youth caddies.

“We are at a critical crossroads for our organization, having met a major goal of having 1,000 Evans Scholars living together in community,” said WGA President and CEO John Kaczkowski. “It’s imperative that we now focus our energy and efforts to support our future positive impact on the communities and golf clubs that we serve.”

Kaczkowski expressed appreciation for the support of the Board of Governors, which unanimously approved the plan last week, as well as WGA Chairman Kevin Buggy. “This initiative will require significant commitment and resources, but thanks to our enthusiastic supporters, we have momentum behind us, and we are energetic and excited about the promise of what’s to come,” he noted.

The long-range plan is comprised of eight individual ambition statements that encompass all facets of the organization. They include:

  • Supporting 1,500 Evans Scholars, living in a healthy and safe community, at leading universities across the country.
  • Doubling the number and diversifying the mix of youth caddie opportunities.
  • Building a more diverse staff and volunteer leadership to better reflect the diversity of the Evans Scholars community.
  • Investing more than $1 billion in educating Evans Scholars.
  • Setting the standard for excellence for all WGA championships on their respective tours and circuits and increasing their ties and charitable contributions to the Evans Scholars Program.
  • Increasing the percentage of Evans Scholars graduates making an annual gift to the Par Club to more than 75%.
  • Ensuring a four-year graduation rate of 97% or greater for Evans Scholars.
  • Preparing 100% of Evans Scholars graduates for the next leg of their journey.

The plan also included revising the organization’s core, mission and vision statements. WGA/ESF senior staff leaders have been appointed to lead each of the individual ambition statements, which will be completed by 2030 to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the first two students receiving the Evans Scholarship in 1930.

As part of the initiative, Bill Kingore, the WGA’s Senior Vice President of Development and Strategy, has been promoted to lead the long-range planning efforts. “I am also excited to announce that Bill Kingore has been named the WGA’s Executive Vice President, a newly created position that will foster a more integrated organizational approach to put us in the best position possible to reach these goals,” Kaczkowski said.